b'Save money as you8 The benefitsThe benefits 9help the environment of triple glazingof triple glazingEnergy A windows energy performance has traditionallyAs homeowners face up to the realities of been stated in terms of its U-value. However, someTriple Glazing ever increasing fuel bills, triple glazing will Ratings manufacturers may quote the centre pane U-value,become a progressively more important whilst others quote the whole window U-value somaking you feelconsideration for fabricators and installers. Provide a simple easy method therefore the performance of different productswarm insidemay not be readily comparable. Energy ratings for comparison of the overallare a new simple system of making accurate energy performance of windows comparisons between suppliers. Measure U-value, solar gain andAdding triple glazed windows to a property will improve air leakage its energy efficiency. McMullanODonnells triple glazed system incorporates a twin sealed unit and our customAre classified in bands A-Gdesigned bead co-ordinates with the contours of the where A is the best sculptured profile. Are customer friendly,A triple glazed standard specification window will consumers are familiar with theallow you to achieve a U-value of 0.8, well ahead of the system used on electrical goods equivalent typical double glazed option of 1.4 for an A rated window.In recent years, glass technology hasThe noise reduction benefits will vary depending on glass made great strides. It began as a way tothickness and prevailing environmental conditions. save energy bills. Now it is also about saving the planet.McMullanODonnells PVCu windows use soft coat Low E glass as standard to ensure you have the level of comfort and peace of mind you want from your windows. As well as saving money through reduced fossil fuel consumption it makes the air we all breathe a little more breathable.McMullan and ODonnell Ltd.CERTIFICATE No. 09 / B096+61.40.470.0009/B096'