b'McMullanODonnell 4 PVCu - an ideal5material to work withEcological responsibility is a fundamental McMullanODonnell offer a range of windows and doors in both PVCuEnvironmental principle of McMullanODonnell. This is true and aluminium, from casement to sliding sash windows, from mouldedresponsibility not only with regard to the selection of raw infill panel to composite doors, all supplied to provide excellence inmaterials and production methods but also with regard to the development of our performance, security, long life, reliability and low maintenance. products and our extensive recycling activities.Based in Co. Tyrone, McMullanODonnell are already aThe company utilises the very latest developmentsMcMullanODonnells success as a company is, in part,provides important advantages both economically and household name throughout Ireland.All our productsin computer-aided machining and production todependant on responsible environmental stewardship, ecologically. PVCu has an extremely long lifespan as it is are manufactured to the stringent specificationsguarantee optimum precision. Our aim is to leadincluding our approaches to natural resources, wasteparticularly weatherproof and age resistant. In this context, demanded by todays market.We are aware of thethe market in all sectors. We focus on excellentmanagement and recycling, energy efficiency, air and waterPVCu provides decisive advantages beginning withdifferent requirements of our customers and ourcraftsmanship, highly trained, customer orientatedemissions and indoor air quality. environmentally friendly production through to the most windows and doors are designed and manufactured tostaff and continuous new product development.advanced manufacturing methods and energy saving the highest standards to suit all demands. McMullanODonnells employees are committed to ensuringprocess es helping to reduce the consumption of energy and Whatever your reason for deciding to install newthat all company operations proactively comply withwater. There are no costs for repainting since the surface is McMullanODonnell are developing constantly. Thiswindows and doors - old ones that need replacing,applicable environmental laws and regulations for the implicitmaintenance free.positive expansion is due to the companys continuousgiving your home a face-lift, extra comfort andpurpose of protecting human health and the environment. focus on top quality products and a high level ofsecurity for the family, orto lower energy ratings -McMullanODonnells employees are encouraged to identifyEnvironmentally friendly processes are integral to McMullan customer service.Our highly motivated employeesyoull find the answer in our wide range of products.opportunities for integrating environmentally favourableODonnells company philosophy - from production through to ensure that customer service requirements and theWe believe your decision reflects your individualsolutions into operations, in order to maximise the long termrecycling. For it is particularly complex industrial production benefits of the products we manufacture. McMullanODonnellmethods that create the need but also the great opportunity com panys standards are met at all times.lifestyle.Thats why McMullanODonnell offerspecialise in using the most modern PVCu material whichto minimise damage to the environment.products to suit a wide range of requirements.Credit: www.underthethatch.co.uk'