b'Everydays a pleasure 42 43- all year round!StandardOur entrance doors are available in a wide selection of styles and colours. Entrance doors are all individually Panel made to your design and specification and to the highest Doors standards possible.HIGH SECURITY MULTI-POINT LEVERFULLY KEY CONTROLLED ACTION OPERATED HOOK LOCK1 2 3Our entrance door comes with securityThis high performance lock offers two built-in. Every door comes with a 6 pin highhigh tensile steel hook dead bolts and security cylinder bump pick and snap, thatfour rollers, where it can be fitted in and offers a key operated cam with a maximuman extremely strong high tensile steel of 50,000 combinations. deadlock.T H E R M A L L Y B R O K E N 4 5 6 LOW T H R E S H O L D High quality aluminium low safety threshold.Door Handle7 8 Finishes WH ITE BLACK CH ROMEBRONZE GRAPH ITE GOLD9 10'