b'20 Performance 21and appealVerticalThe sliding sash window, often referred to as aVerticalBeneath the surface good looks of the vertical sliding Georgian window, reflecting the period when thissash window there are a host of design features to Sliding style reached the peak of popularity, is a classicSliding improve your windows performance and appeal.Sash window design. FeaturesThe traditional timber sliding sashIt is no wonder that the vertical window although aestheticallysliding sash window has remained pleasing, had many inherenta favourite design with builders and weaknesses. So it was no surprisehomeowners for centuries.that many saw the replacement of timber sliding sash windows with newOf course, it is not the least expensive PVCu versions as an easy choice. window you can find.Yet if you are a discerning householder, determined It took the latest computer aided 3Dto reflect your standards, isnt your design systems, plus considerablehome worth it? Thumb locking cam catch Optional deep bottom rail feature Sculpted bead and decorative horninvestment to achieve the necessary combination of a slim, but strong andIf your home has listed building durable, frame. status, is in a conservation area, or covered by any other planning It has a timeless elegance andregulation or legal covenant, you beautiful proportions which enhanceshould consult the appropriate the appearance of almost any home -authority to clarify the position before period or modern, town or country. replacing your windows.It is one of the few windows that can be opened, for ventilation or easySecurity restrictorcleaning, without obstructing the exterior, for example a pavement or walkway.Authentic Georgian bar effect Upstairs fire escape window option Both sashes tilting inwardsGLAZING PERIOD DETAIL sashes have an optional tilt inwards All windows are designed with lowPeriod details available include thefacility* incorporating stay arms for energy glazed sealed units. decorative horn feature. Various colourssafe use.This can help with ventilation are available for the hook lifts, ringand make cleaning much easier.BALANCES pulls, locking system and security All windows are supplied with therestrictors. GLAZING BARSappropriate spring balance fullyTo produce that aesthetic Georgian installed to match the weight and sizeSTYLES appearance, Neo glazing bars can be of the sashes. All window styles can be producedapplied to the centre of the double including features such as arched headglazed unit or, for the most authentic SAFETY top sashes and bay windows.appearance, glazing bars can be added All sashes are fitted with travelto both the inside and outside of the restrictors as standard, which limit theTILT OPTION double glazed sealed unit.distance the sash will open. By making the most of modern designs and materials, the sliding sash window*Subject to size and style restrictionscan be made so that either or both'